Can wear due to friction be better predicted in the future?

(21-06-2021) In his PhD ‘Numerical Analysis of Fretting Wear and its Interaction with Fretting Fatigue', Shengjie Wang investigates whether friction-induced wear can be better predicted.

Fretting is a phenomenon that occurs between two contacting surfaces when they experience vibration under normal load. In aircraft, for example, rivets are commonly used to fix two plates on the airplane. Due to vibrations of the airplane, fretting happens between the rivets and plate, which is sometimes detrimental to the airplane.

Fretting can lead to wear or fatigue of the contacting surfaces between which friction occurs. Because of the adverse effect of fretting on the connected parts, researchers have investigated the mechanism and the effect of both fretting wear and fretting fatigue experimentally.

During his PhD, Shengjie Wang developed a prediction tool that better predicts fretting wear characteristics with high efficiency and accuracy and the effect of variable wear coefficient on wear characteristics was also analyzed. Moreover, the interaction between fretting wear and fretting fatigue was described in detail.


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