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(16-08-2022) New Publication on the T-Crepe Project


We are pleased to announce that the article entitled "Game Modding for Learning Design Thinking on an E-Learning Platform" has been published online in  'Designs for Learning' Journal in the scope of the Erasmus+ KA2 project T-CREPE (Textile Engineering for Co-creation Paradigms in Education).

Örnekoğlu-Selçuk, M., Emmanouil, M., Grizioti M., & Van Langenhove, L. (2022). Game Modding for Learning Design Thinking on an E-Learning Platform. Designs for Learning, 14(1), 99–111. DOI:

Authors: Melis Örnekoğlu Selçuk, Marina Emmanouil, Marianthi Grizioti, Lieva Van Langenhove

The authors would like to extend their appreciation to the participants of this study, and to the European Commission for the support and funding to the Erasmus+ KA2 project ‘T-CREPE’ (Textile Engineering for Co-Creation Paradigms in Education). Project No: 612641.

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