Tom Goosse


Tom Goosse holds a Master of Science in Geography at the VUBrussel (2012) and specialised in the integration of geo-physical knowledge in spatial planning for the implementation of climate adaptation measures. He gradually gained expertise in new forms of participatory decision-making processes for increasing multi-actors involvement and for answering issues of social injustice.

He works at the Centre for mobility and spatial planning (AMRP) since February 2018. He was involved in the Interreg FRAMES-project till June 2020 that aimed at increasing the resilience of flood prone areas through spatial planning, community resilience and recovery actions. He currently works for the ESPON-TNO programme organising events (conferences, roundtables, peer learning workshops) and editing technical reports (territorial fiche). The objective of the TNO programme is to promote transnational outreach of ESPON scientific knowledge to regional stakeholders.