Mladen Stilinovic

Doctoral Student
Contact details and research profile


Mladen Stilinovic studied engineer-architect (2001-2009, Faculty of Architecture, Sst. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje), where he also worked as a teaching assistant at the Department of Urbanism. Graduated in 2011 as Master of Science in Human Settlements from the Catholic University in Leuven.

Since 2015 he started a PhD at the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning at the Ghent University, with prof. Pieter Uyttenhove as his promotor. His research focuses on the redevelopment of the militarized territories from the Cold War  period. As part of the research he gave numerous presentations and co-led a research seminar with the Master students at the Department.

Based in Brussels, he works as an urban designer at the Urban cell of Polo Architects. His previous work experiences include working for MOP Urban Design, DDS+ and Conix RDBM.