Resilience, research and zen


Career management

Target group

Members of the Doctoral Schools, no previous knowledge required

Key words

Resilience, overcoming challenges, learning from experience, reflection, cognition, motivation


A PhD can feel, at times, rather like an endurance test. An endurance test that often involves long hours, periods of efficiency and motivation as well as periods of torpor and inefficiency and a roller-coaster of success and failure (in varying proportions). On this strange journey, it’s useful, if not essential, to step away from time to time to look at what’s going on, what you’ve learned and to reconnect with why you’re even doing it in the first place. This workshop is just such an opportunity; to step back and learn from what you’ve achieved, as well as to work on the challenges you face.


Due to the Covid-19 safety measures, this course is taking place VIRTUALLY via ZOOM. The programme is slightly adapted to this format.

This event is a highly experiential, hands-on workshop that requires your interaction and active reflection on the material covered. We won't be delivering a lecture or telling you 'the answers' - rather we'll be providing some tools and an environment where you can find your own. We ask you to learn by practicing with the tools and methods we cover, and to apply them to real situations, so what you learn is immediately applicable, personal and memorable. Please come along ready to contribute and participate fully, thanks.


By the end of this interactive workshop you will have:
1.    Reflected on the ups and downs of your PhD to date
2.    Devised steps to enhance your resilience
3.    Practiced with tools for de-pressuring the challenges you face
4.    Learned and applied tools to real situations
5.    Been introduced to memorable slogans to put into practice


Course code 1 course = 2 x 0,5 days Time Subject
RRZ-2122-01 04/10 + 05/10/2021 09:30 - 12:30 18
RRZ-2122-02 03/11 + 08/11/2021 09:30 - 12:30 18


Registration fee

Free of charge for members of the Doctoral Schools

Please read the cancellation policy: cancellationpolicycourses

Registration procedure

Use the following registration link:

Your registration will be confirmed by separate e-mail from the Doctoral Schools.
If the course is fully booked, please send an email to and ask to be added to the waiting list.


Dr Jamie McDonald (

Teaching and learning material

References to relevant resources will be given at the event and participants provided with handouts and worksheets to capture major inputs.

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Evaluation methods and criteria (doctoral training programme)

100% attendance and active participation