Career support initiatives

Interuniversity Job Market for Young Researchers 2022

Since 2012, the Ghent University Doctoral Schools have been a partner in the successful Afstudeerbeurs hosted by AUGent. In 2020 the Ghent University Doctoral Schools were joined by their colleagues in the other Flemish universities to co-organise the interuniversity Job Market for Young Researchers. Together we scout for companies interested in hiring PhDs, offer CV analysis and speed career coaching as well as facilitate relevant career orientation workshops to PhD candidates and PhD degree holders.

From PhD to job market

Since 2008 the Ghent University Doctoral Schools have organised an annual doctoral conference targeting the transition of young high potentials with a PhD degree to the job market.

PhD Talent Pool

Explore the PhD Talent Pool, a Flemish interuniversity job platform exclusively for PhD degree holders. 

Interactive Career Days Janssen Pharmaceutica

Other activities

Venturing as a scholar

PhD or Postdoc at Ghent University? Genius idea? Bright research? Entrepreneurial mindset? Believe in the societal impact of your research? Willing to reach further than just putting it on paper? Visit the TechTransfer office or the DO! office in Ghent.

  • Is your venture based on your academic research? Visit the TechTransfer website!
  • Do you have other ideas for a venture, not necessarily based on your research? Visit the DO! website!

Postdoc Talent Management: what's in it for doctoral students?

The Department of Personnel and Organization offers a wide array of tailor-made career development activities for postdoctoral researchers, incl. career coaching (which is also open to doctoral students) and an online career tool for PhD and postdoctoral researchers (Dutch - English)

Doctoral students may also want to have a look at the online resources, incl. an exhaustive overview of job portals.

One of the main aims of the Ghent University Postdoc Community is to create awareness and provide support regarding postdoctoral career paths.