Informatie dienstverlening toxicologie

General information

Questions regarding pharmacological problems as well as toxicological analyses should be directed to or at +32 (0)9 264 73 50.


Following forms can be used to request a toxicological analysis:

 Form in Dutch

Form in French

We provide qualitative and quantitative detection of several poisonous substances using HPLC-MS/MS or HPLC-UV detection:

  • Carbamates and phosphate esters, e.g. aldicarb, carbofuran, parathion
  • Coumarines, e.g. coumarine, warfarine, chlorophacinone
  • Organochlorated compounds, e.g. lindane
  • Heavy metals and metalloids, e.g. copper, lead, arsenic, thallium
  • Others: alfa-chloralose, methaldehyde, strychnine, taxus, T-61


The laboratory is GLP compliant since 2001 for pharmacokinetic and residue studies.

Contract service work includes inter alia

  • Safety and residue studies
  • Bioavailability studies and pharmacokinetic analysis (compartmental and noncompartmental modeling) with emphasis on absorption, distribution, metabolisation and excretion (ADME) of veterinary drugs and toxic agents
  • Residue depletion and withdrawal time calculation according to EMA guidelines (tissues EMEA/CVMP/035/95, milk EMEA/CVMP/473/98)
  • Development of HPLC-UV, HPLC-fluorescence and LC-MSn methodology for quantifications of drugs and toxins in biological matrices
  • Efficacy testing of mycotoxin binders using a toxicokinetic approach in pigs and broiler chickens
  • The use of juvenile pigs as a pediatric preclinical PK/PD model