Prof. dr. ir. Emmy Dhooghe

Our research focuses on high-tech horticulture. In our group we work on 3 research topics: (1) plant processes under controlled environment and vertical farming, (2) abiotic stress and (3) innovative in vitro breeding.

This first research goal focuses on LED light and its influence on plant morphology, alternative soilless production systems and production of high-qualitative secondary metabolites in plants by working with environmental factors.

The second aspect on abiotic stress is a topic that remains important in horticulture. Reducing the use of primary resources (energy, water, peat,…) forces growers to look for alternative production schemes, which could have an effect on the plant quality and stress prevalence of the plants.

Regarding the third topic, we will use innovative breeding tools to adapt horticultural crops to more abiotic stress conditions, to cultivation in plant factories or to increase its diversity.