Indi Geurs

Ir. Researcher

IndiGeurs.jpgIndi Geurs is a researcher in the field of fats and oils, with a specialization in bakery shortenings and margarines. The production of these shortenings/margarines is performed at the lab. After production, a wide range of characteristics are analyzed, including: melting behavior,  nano/micro/macro structure and solid fat content.

She received a MSc degree in Bioscience Engineering Technology: Food science and nutrition in 2017 from Ghent University in Belgium. Since 2018, she joined Ghent University as a researcher.

Together with Vandemoortele, she works on a VLAIO-project, concerning alternative structuring of oil. The goal of this research is to find and test new approaches to structure oil and apply them in bakery shortenings and margarines. Important aspects are the maintenance of the typical characteristics of bakery shortenings/margarines (such as plasticity), combined with the use of healthier fat blends. During this research, a recently purchased and tailor-made instrument was used, i.e. the AC-unit. This unit allows to crystallize fat dynamically and translate the results to industrial production.