Twenty Fifth Conference on Food Microbiology - JUBILEE EDITION

07-10-2021 08:30 to 08-10-2021 16:00
Finance Tower complex, Pacheco room, Pachécolaan 13, 1000 Brussels
Dr. ir. K. De Reu (Treasurer) and J. Claeys Secretary of the “Belgian Society for Food Microbiology vzw/asbl” Brusselsesteenweg 370, 9090 Melle


For a detailed programme (in Dutch and French) click here

Organization and scientific committee

Dr. M. Abdelmassih, UCL Prof. A. Aertsen, KULeuven
Dr. N. Botteldoorn, DGZ J. Claeys, ILVO
Prof. G. Daube, ULiège Prof. V. Delcenserie, ULiège
Prof. F. Devlieghere, UGent Dr. ir. K. De Reu, ILVO
Prof L. De Zutter Dr. K. Dierick, Sciensano
Dr. K. Feys, FAVV-AFSCA Prof. A. Geeraerd, KULeuven
Dr. L. Herman, ILVO Prof. M. Heyndrickx, ILVO
Prof. F. Leroy, VUB Prof. J. Mahillon, UCL
Prof. C. Michiels, KULeuven ir. B. Pochet, FAVV-AFSCA
Dr. C. Quinet, ARSIA Prof. A. Rajkovic, UGent
Prof. M. Sindic, ULiège Prof. M. Uyttendaele, UGent
Dr. K. Van Hoorde, Sciensano

Target group

This conference addresses food agencies, laboratories, primary producers, processing industries, food-related organizations and retail trade, as well as politicians and consumers who are interested in the quality and news about the food sector, food microbiology and particularly the food industry.


The speakers come from Belgium, France and the Netherlands. Conference languages are French and Dutch with simultaneous translation, with some English speakers (also translated to French).

Social Event

A surprising dinner, at AUX ARMES DE BRUXELLES that celebrates its 100th anniversary. In the well-known “Beenhouwersstraat / Rue de Boucher”. An interioraccording to the great Brussels bourgeois traditions, with recipes that have remained unchanged for 100 years.


Conference registration: 120€ for 1 conference day and 190€ for both conference days, plus 60€ for social event (October 7th).
Registration includes lunch, a syllabus, coffee breaks and membership in the “Belgian Society of Food Microbiology vzw/asbl”.

One line registration
before September 24th 2021