IROICA Conference 2021

IROICA Annual Conference 2021

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

  • Mr. Matt Tips – IROICA president
  • Prof. Jos Van Orshoven – Dean of the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering – KU Leuven
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Joint sustainability efforts and possibilities by universities and cities: the KU Leuven – City of Leuven example
  • Prof. Gerard Govers – Vice Rector Sustainability – KU Leuven
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  • Mr. Geert Vanhorebeek – Policy Advisor Sustainability – City of Leuven
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  • Ms. Katrien Rycken – Director – Leuven 2030
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Latest update on the next Erasmus + programme:

  • Mrs. Nadia Manzoni – European Commission
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European Universities’ Alliances: UNA Europa and the 1EUROPE project. Going beyond current ambitions in European collaboration

  • Mrs. Katrien Vanelven – Policy Advisor – KU Leuven
  • Mr. Kristof Vlaeminck – Senior External Funding Officer – Una Europa vzw
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  • Dr. Topi Tanskanen – Research Coordinator – Una Europa One Health Self-steering Committee – University of Helsinki
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 Thursday, December 9, 2021

The transition period and the future UK-EU relationship for higher education and research
  • Ms. Valentina Chervenkova – Policy Officer – United Kingdom
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 Digitalisation of the Erasmus administration in the new programme
  • Mr. Paul Leys – Policy Advisor – Ghent University
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General Assembly
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Country focus: South Korea

Introduction Ghent University Global Campus (GUGC)

  • Prof. Stephen Depuydt – Educational Director – Ghent University Global Campus – South Korea/ Ghent
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Research and funding possibilities for collaboration with Korea

  • Dr. Bumsoo Kim – Chief Administrator Ghent University Global Campus – South Korea
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Socio-Cultural aspects and differences

  • Prof. Christine Yung Hung – Ghent University + So Hyung Kim (GUGC)
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