Start date Title
06-09-2023 09:00 Symposium 'The Lighthouse Function of Social Law'
26-06-2023 18:00 Info session 'Computer-Assisted Language Mediation (CALM)'
22-05-2023 18:00 Info session 'Computer-Assisted Language Mediation (CALM)'
17-05-2023 19:30 Lecture 'Epistemology and the Problem of Certification: How Gaṅgeśa's epistemology can be used to diagnose controversies over the status of knowledge claims'
16-05-2023 15:30 Symposium 'Building academic partnerships in a changing global context'
10-05-2023 19:30 Lecture 'Goddess Worship among the Digambara Jainas of Karnataka'
03-05-2023 19:30 Lecture 'Finding Bliss in Paradise: Kīrtan, Meditation, and the ‘Ukulele in a Hawaiian Yoga Community'
27-04-2023 12:30 Info session 'Master of Science in Bioinformatics'
19-04-2023 19:30 Lecture 'Understanding Bharatiya Parampara - Indic Thought'
19-04-2023 17:00 Debate 'A Conversation with Valery Kavaleuski'
03-04-2023 08:30 Symposium 'Sustainable Drug Discovery Days'
30-03-2023 14:30 Symposium 'Meet the PhD Jury: Voice in Trans and Gender Diverse People'
29-03-2023 19:30 Lecture 'Ramayana murals in eighteenth century South India'
29-03-2023 16:00 Lecture 'Meet the PhD Jury: mini seminars on biomass to chemicals and energy'
28-03-2023 19:00 Debate 'Limits to Growth? Degrowth versus Green Growth'
27-03-2023 09:00 Symposium 'Precision Medicine: Therapeutic Targets'
22-03-2023 19:30 Lecture 'Islamic inflections, Indic imaginaires: cultural and religious 'translation' in the Sufi premākhyāns'
20-03-2023 17:30 Study day 'Explanaible & Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence '
14-03-2023 19:00 Lecture 'Buddhist Studies: Monastic and Daily Life'